Healthy Treats & Safe Products

Designed specifically for your ferret

We want all ferrets to live long, healthy, and pampered lives - This starts with nutritionally-appropriate food and safe products.

Meat Based

All of are food products are 100% meat based which helps our little obligate carnivores live long healthy lives.


We only use the highest human-grade meat in our products. We wouldn't feed our pets anything less.

Veterinarian Approved

Formulated by board-certified veterinary nutritionists and veterinarian approved.

No Grains or Fillers

No grains, sugar, saline, additives, nitrites or nasty fillers.


Our products are all independently lab-tested for quality and nutritional content.

Wild & Natural

Our products are only sourced from local, responsible and sustainable sources.

Our Story

Treats sold at big box stores contain sugar, fillers, and other unhealthy ingredients that harm our ferrets. Also, products marketed to ferrets commonly contain toxic chemicals, include blockage causing toys and other dangerous items. Our ferrets are our children and we want them to live long, healthy, happy, and pampered lives so we started making our own safe, healthy ferret treats and wellness products at home. This is how the The Pampered Ferret was born.

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