Help! My ferrets are picky and don’t to try the Dook Soup or treats.
Not to fret, you are in good company. Ferrets are notoriously picky when it comes to new foods. Below are some tips/tricks to help your floof adjust to the new and excited flavors of healthy and yummy Pampered Ferret products. 

(1) Mix New/Existing Foods into a Soupie: Mix the Dook Soup (or treats) in with a blended up mixture of their current food. If your ferret currently eats a dry kibble, mix the kibble in warm water, add some Dook Soup, and blend so they get used to the flavor. You can adjust the proportions to include more Dook Soup (or treats) over time as you needed.
(2) Small Spoons and/or your Finger!: Make a small batch of Dook Soup in a bowl and then use a small spoon or your finger to feed them. We’ve had great luck with many a Woozel using this trick.
(3) Add Some Salmon Oil: If they like salmon oil, you can put a few drops on top of the food to entice them. You can also try a bit of our coat oil. It is 100% safe to ingest and some floofs go crazy for it!
(4) The "boop-snoot" method: Take some of the prepared Dook Soup, or the mixture from #1, and boop it on their nose forcing them to lick it off. Once they get a taste of it almost ALL weasels come to LOVE the Dook Soup!

Is the Dook Soup a complete and balanced diet?

Can I use Dook Soup as my ferret’s primary food/source of nutrition?
Yes, you can! It’s what all of our floofs eat exclusively! The Pampered Ferret’s Dook Soup is a complete and balanced diet for your little carpet sharks! Developed by board-certified veterinary nutritionists and in consultation with exotic veterinarians, our Dook Soup is a nutritious, complete and balanced meal providing all the necessary nutrients, vitamins, minerals your ferret needs. It can be used as your ferret’s primary source of nutrition (all meals) or it can be incorporated into an existing feeding regimen. It is also ideal for helping keep older, under-weight, or sick ferrets healthy and hydrated. It can be fed to your ferret as often as you like!

When will my order ship?
All of our products are crafted in small-batches at The Pampered Ferret so you and your little fur noodle receive only the highest-quality products. Because of this, processing time varies by product and can range from 5-7 business days. Detailed shipping information is indicated with the product listing description and also at checkout.

We do our very best to ship out items as quickly as possible and frequently your item will ship before the processing-time window. If you have any questions, or your item has not shipped within the time window indicated in the product listing, please feel free to reach out to hello@thepamperedferret.com for an update on your order.

I selected Priority Shipment, but my order has not shipped. 
Shipping speed refers to the estimated time your item will arrive once it has been processed and handed off to the courier. Processing time for our products ranges from 5-7 business days and is indicated at the bottom of each product description. If you are in urgent need of a product, please reach out to hello@thepamperedferret.com and we will do our very best to assist you!
Do you ship internationally? 
Yes! We do ship some of our items internationally, including our toys, bath soak, paw balm, and salmon oil. However, at this time, due to regulatory requirements governing international shipment of animal products, we are unable to ship our Dook Soup or treats internationally. 

My order has been lost in the mail or was delivered to the wrong address.
We know how frustrating this can be and we are here to do our very best to ensure you get your order. We encourage our customers to take advantage of Route Package Protection, an optional third-party service that insures your order in the case of loss or damage. Filing a claim with Route Package Protection is easy and can be done here.

What size are the stashing balls?
The full size stashing balls are about 3" in diameter. The small/mini stashing balls are about 1.75” in diameter.