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My baby Hershey loves Pampered Ferret…I will be moving her over 100% after the vet recommends fully changing her food.

It was a success!

My ferrets are very picky, so any treat I try with them has a high chance of not being eaten. So far we have a good record with products from here and this one was another success. One of mine loves them and I'm so happy because I know it's good for them to have some protein source variety. I know these will be good for her.

Ghost and Kurby

Both my babies LOVE THIS, both babys refused to transfer off of Marshall kibble until I bought this which now has made them love freeze dried raw anything and anything that’s raw or cook wet meat as well.
So thankful there is a ferret made food I can trust ❤️

Simple, easy bath time

I LOVE this product. Having the loose powder in the bag makes bath time for my 11 ferrets so much easier. Dissolves instantly and my babies enjoy it. Feels like a much safer product than what I would buy in store for myself and it has added it has the added duck fat & emu oil. I also purchase and use the Moisturizing Coat Oil to drop a little extra in the bath and add on after drying.

Only thing I would recommend is selling some bags without the scooper and making that a purchase options. I buy multiple bags at a time and have no problem using the scooper from an older bag into the next. One small thing to save the planet from additional waste as the scoopers are definitely reusable :)

Thank you for making such wonderful and healthy products for my adopted and rescued ferrets!

This coat oil is amazing and helps with itching. I use it daily on my two floofs and of course they love the taste! 🦦🦦 A little goes a long way so this oil lasts for a while!

Zelda and Link love their DOOK SOUP! Made with a lot of love for Floofs!

Loves the Dook soup ❤️

The treats and Dook soup are absolutely amazing, my three ferret kits can’t get enough of it 😍 I’m so happy, thank you so much pamper ferret, I’ll be getting a bigger order of Dook soup soon 🤗

both myboys love it

I was shocked

My baby is some what of a picky eater before I got her they let her and her two brother and sister eat anything and everything they wanted so when I got them it was almost a nightmare trying to get them healthy and back of ferret food. Noodles teeth are not best and if she doesn’t like something she will pick it up and move it out of her room and in the hallway lol not kidding I gave her a small piece of the beef kidney and he eyes got so wide and she tries to hard to bite on it and bite on it and she couldn’t bite it so while I was making it into soup she was right there not taking her eyes off me. I now know she loves her kidneys and her chick hearts. I love the burst of energy she has in the am again and I love that her hair has stopped thinning her doctor said unless I had a Time Machine to undo all the sugar dairy carbs candy dog food cat food who knows honestly what my babies had to go through living in a basement with a flooded bathroom. Gross if you want to live that way go for it, but no animal should have to live like that. Her doctor also loves you guys I was like omg doc check this out and pulled your page up lol

My kids love this stuff

I try to always have a bag on hand in case any of my ferrets starts not feeling well and need the high quality nutrition in a soup form, plus we have 'soupies' that we mix this into regularily that is always a hit!

My Dookin children love this soupie! Remember you guys, ferrets are very picky eaters and I have seen some very unfair reviews on here about the treats and dook soup. Remember that they eat “RAW” meat! You have to introduce things to this little carnivore continuously, not just 3 days and your done. Don’t be lazy with these floofs, you have to keep trying and take care of them like they deserve!🦦

Awesome Product!

My little lady is geriatric; 14 to be exact, and was struggling with protein intake. She wasn't a fan at first but putting a few pieces of food in was a huge help! She loves it, a great easy way to keep her healthy.

Love it my ferret love it

This balm is the bomb

My ferrets are fans of the back yard. They go out to play twice a day. We also live in New Mexico and it's very dry here. Two of them were having cracked pad issues. This stuff is great for healing them and I know they can still lick their paws to wash their faces and they aren't getting chemical-ed. Fantastic balm!

Great Snack

It took some time for my Charlie to start eating this treat, but now he really enjoys it!

Love love love

My ferrets feel so stinking soft with this stuff and my boys itch so sooo much less . Love yall

Raw diet Girls

I have 2 rescue ferrets that eat a raw food diet and my vet is trying to get them to wean off the raw diet, but thus far, they don't seem to respond to anything else. Tried the chicken jerk and the sample treats. Exploring every snack option searching for something they may like beside raw food.

Best purchase for their itchy skin!


My ferrets turned their noses up to this treat. They completely ignored it.

Really Happy with the purchase

I bought this and some other stuff from the store and I received some small samples of different treats for my babies, that was so nice and cute. I was so happy to see the packaging and the gifts since I am in the search for treats my ferrets would like. They are very picky eaters and won't eat unless it's a very specific kibble. Thank you so much for your costumer service ❤️

Salmon Oil
Nahomi Rocha
It's perfect

My ferrets are rehomed and won't eat anything but the kibble that they were used to and I'm having a hard time finding treats and things that they like so I decided to try this and other treat from this store and they were hesitant at first but they ate it!!! I'm so happy that I found this I feel like they made a big step

Couldn’t live without it!

This is the best stuff ever for my pampered baby!

My Pheobe simply loves these treats! Best quality!

Ferrets love it! (Mostly)

I bought this to help me whenever I'm trimming my boys nails, and one of them absolutely adores Salmon oil, while the other couldn't care less about it. I have hope though, I might just need to encourage him to try some more.

It's been helping my boys a lot and it's got pretty obvious results right away with how much happier they've been. I occasionally put a few drops in their food and they are doing wonderfully! They were doing good before but now they're doing AWESOME! So happy with these products.