Our Story

After rescuing our first ferrets we struggled to find safe and healthy products for them. We quickly learned this was a problem faced by ALL ferret owners. Our ferrets are our children and we want them to live long, healthy, happy, and pampered lives. So, with the help of veterinary nutritionists and exotic veterinarians we started creating our own safe and healthy ferret products. We are thrilled to offer these to you!

At The Pampered Ferret, our goal is to give back to the ferret community and make pampering your ferret easy!

The Pampered Ferret is run by two PhDs that are state-licensed to prepare small-batch ferret food. All of our products are formulated for ferrets in consultation with board-certified veterinary nutritionists and exotic veterinarians and we insist on using only the highest quality, sustainably sourced ingredients.

Our food products are prepared in small batches and independently lab-tested for nutritional content so you know you’re always receive the highest quality products. Most importantly, a portion of our proceeds go to our local ferret rescue, to help foster noodles in need, and to support ferret education and outreach.